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The Prince endorsing the campaign to save a species. 

Two kingdoms on a collision course. A royal hero and the seemingly simple minded beast. Which, in its present predicament, represents nature with its complexities and vulnerabilities. Can this engagement end in something magical?

Composition is made up of a broken x and circle. The busy line work conveys the multi-faceted and complex problems facing these magnificent beasts. The use of contrasting colours and negative space between lines and patterns is to create energy, tension and movement. The immediacy of the situation.

The X’s symbolise the mark used when voting, “make your mark here, be counted”.

The X within a circle, Leonardo’s “perfect man”, in this case with a disjointed X, humanity is losing its mother (earth). Man is only perfect within a viable and sustainable environment.

The small crosses are part of the narrative, Harry’s lost mother, the Rhino, its fight to exist. The crosses also illustrate the marks left by the untold deaths.

The semi-finished Rhino which occupies unworked canvas or negative space, serves to express the dwindling population as well as the area humanity has to fill in order for the species to survive, failing which, it does not bode well for mankind and its ability to remain a viable entity.

Prince Harry has a joyous and positive expression, hence the title “HOPE”. 

By making his mark for conservation, hopefully the rest of the planet will follow suit. A ground swell of enthusiastic foot soldiers. Can we identify with both characters and remain seated while precious minutes tick away?








The Icon of tolerance and a motivation for all to live in harmony.






Anne Anwyl rhino sculptureThe beautiful Rhino sculpture by renowned French artist, Anne Anwyl, which will go under the hammer.


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