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Care and Dedication are 2 fundamental traits that our volunteers have to assist with women empowerment within Celebrate Life’s vision.

We gratefully acknowledge all our volunteers who assist us in making women’s dreams come true.

Want to be a volunteer? Find out how below

Visiting and connecting with communities is a rewarding and humbling experience. At Celebrate Life, we give volunteers an insight into rural communities, the difficulties women experience with no employment and income and the memories of making an impact with the Ubuntu Micro Bakery Project and the upliftment it brings to communities and the ladies there in.

As a volunteer, you will get involved in all aspects of the bakeries, from teaching to fundraising to office work.

Giving is one of the most heart warming emotions you can experience and being witness to changing women’s lives and that of the communities, will be a personal experience that will change your outlook on the world forever.

Top Volunteer Skills:

Commitment: Selecting Celebrate Life means supporting a cause you are passionate about .A monthly commitment to specified hours must be planned and your promise is to keep this.

Communication: Written and verbal communication is a crucial skill to have as a volunteer. Interaction with fellow volunteers is very important.

Leadership: If you want to supervise a group of volunteers, you’ll need to be a leader and be able to delegate tasks efficiently, fulfill deadlines and ensure the team has the necessary resources. Remaining productive as a leader and encouraging people requires leadership qualities.

Strong Work Ethic: Having a happy attitude while maintaining a strong work ethic helps in continuing to serve others. With enthusiasm.

Teamwork: Volunteering necessitates a great deal of collaboration with others. Team building exercises can assist each team member to improve their teamwork abilities.

Current Positions

Volunteer Salesperson
Volunteer Trainee bakers and trainers