Okavango Delta 2024

Celebrate Life has decided on our next fundraising initiative for June/July 2024: a 5 day kayak along the Okavango Delta! We will cover a distance

Mauritius 2022 Wrap!

And that’s a wrap! Congratulations to Team Mauritius 2022! This is the team coming in to Grand Gaube after 11 days and 175 intense kilometres!

Mauritius 2022

Are you ready for our next fundraising adventure?! In our continuous effort to make South Africa that little bit better, this year the Celebrate Life

Mount Kenya September 2019

Mount Kenya September 2019 Initiative: Raised R 600,000 for Ubuntu Oven and  Microbakery Project

Lake Malawi September 2017

Lake Malawi September 2017 Initiative: Raised R 400,000 for Ubuntu Oven and Microbakery Project

Mount Meru October 2014

Mount Meru October 2014 Initiative: Raised R 370,000 for Ubuntu Oven Microbakery Project

Lewa Marathon October 2010

Lewa Marathon October 2010 Initiative: Raised R 560,000 for The Tusk Trust for anti rhino poaching projects in South Africa.