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Celebrate Life SA is an organisation aimed at creating awareness and facilitating support across society to alleviate human and environmental suffering , using the energy of committed individuals, social networks and broadcast platforms.

The essence of Celebrate Life SA lies in respect for the land and its people. A group of caring people, who have known each other and worked together for many years, became inspired to establish a project that not only made use of their individual talents, but also confronted some of the more serious issues facing our planet, with the express purpose of ameliorating as many of these issues as possible.

As Celebrate Life SA unfolded, it became apparent that the essence of enabling real change in these spheres lies in the group’s ability to motivate and mobilise as many other individuals as possible, to align their goals, and to attract the attention of a global market.

The game plan is simple…. to:

Gain Respect

Respect is the precursor to loyalty and sustainability. We will tackle problems in our own unique multidisciplinary way. While there is a great deal of discussion and negotiation in arriving at a solution, the honesty with which the decision making process occurs and the mutual respect that exists between the members, will become a shared resource. We will approach all challenges with honesty, humility and the expertise they deserve.

Summon Support

We aim to continue to build a track record, based on commitment, transparency and results. We are in for the long haul, and, over time, the cumulative nature of the challenges undertaken and the solutions found will earn Celebrate Life SA an even wider support base. A group of diverse, passionate, multinational people living, travelling and problem-solving together in their country, is in essence, a very strong foundation from which to manage an organisation.


The interactivity of web based social media will allow supporters to become actively involved in the expeditions that the Celebrate Life SA team members embark on. We aim to bring like-minded people together as a united front, to support and protect what they believe in. Community members will be able to develop a sense of responsibility and pro-activity towards the problems faced in our world and on our planet, which we hope, will create a sense of the global village in the psyche of the Celebrate Life SA projects.

Belief – individuals CAN make a difference

With a growing sense of ownership and responsibility, the confidence of Celebrate Life SA, in being actively engaged in the process of change, will grow. Where before, the problems of the world belonged to “others”, community members, by participating in our campaigns and in the various social media activations, will begin to realise their power as individuals, to make a difference. We will remain constantly accessible and transparent to community members, so as to foster the belief that ordinary people, irrespective of class, age, gender or skill set, can help effect change.


The Sharks rugby team, our local home team, got together under the guidance of popular coach, John Plumtree and decided to pull together as a team and help Celebrate Life SA, make a difference to the scourge on rhino poaching. They embarked on the Super 15 tour, with Klokkies the rhino tucked under their arms and collected a rugby shirt from each team they played, signed by the team. We have agreed that the best way to get international attention, is to run an on-line auction.

The funds raised by Celebrate Life SA will be forming part of a big project to help expand the rhino sanctuary in Northern Kwa Zulu Natal .This project was the brain child of the famous Lawrence Anthony whose passion for our animals has gained international recognition and his memory lives on in the work that he did.

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