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Why South Africa needs the Ubuntu Oven Hub Project

South Africa is a country with an imbalanced economy which has an incredibly detrimental effect on the poorer sections of society; limiting economic growth in the low-income environments which are prevalent around the country. These economic difficulties place an added burden on the lower classes, preventing social cohesion between all levels of society in South Africa.

Rural communities often suffer the worst results due to their isolation from economic opportunity, which is where the Ubuntu Oven Hub Project comes into play. To be able to bring opportunity to these people in the form of a highly sustainable project allows for major opportunities in growth and income.

Hubs provide a safe and structured opportunity for corporates to get involved as there is transparency at all levels, allowing the donor to see the direct outcomes of their investment by bringing in ED and SED funds to women. This, in turn, yields a sustainable and impactful return on their B-BBEE spend which will help create opportunities for women to run their own bakeries, earning a sustainable income in the process.

The Hub will house five ovens in a six-square-metre, fully-equipped container. The placement of these hubs into relevant areas in the community will allow for a rise in social interaction and lead to greater economic growth in that area. The hubs can also be plugged into existing projects, allowing these projects to grow and expand in the community.

Our bakers are trained in all of the relevant baking skills, as well as being mentored in ensuring that their bakery continues to see long-term success. Having like-minded people beneath the same roof yields a lower investment risk for companies as the strength of the collective has proven itself time and again; bakers holding each other accountable and assisting one in another in enjoying and appreciating the opportunities they have been given.

These hubs both benefit the community as a whole and support women empowerment at the very highest level. By creating sustainable communities, Celebrate Life SA is taking South Africa forward and bridging the poverty gap for as many South Africans as we can.

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