We are looking for sponsorship, either partial or in whole, towards the final construction and erection of this iconic and much needed charitable intervention of “The Largest Piggy Bank in the Southern Hemisphere”. It also offers sponsors the opportunity to gain vast exposure, on an ongoing basis, and can thus appeal to both CSI and Marketing budgets.

Project name;

The Biggest Piggy Bank in the Southern Hemisphere

Project Location:

Piggly Wiggly Country Village, R103, Lions River, KZN Midlands.

Nature of Project:

Charity -(whilst positioned on a commercial retail and entertainment property), the Piggy Banks function is to raise funds for much needed projects run by “Celebrate Life SA”. 100% of all funds derived from the Piggy Bank will be given to our designated charity, Celebrate Life SA. They have a proven track record and have been selected based on need, integrity and with the larger community in mind.

Project Implementation:

Phase One is now complete: Piggly Wiggly Country Village has sponsored the first stages of construction of the Biggest Piggy Bank in the Southern Hemisphere. Construction materials used include wrought iron and wire, to the value of R20,000-00. We have also managed to get a 6m staircase to the value of R30,000-00 sponsored by Oatlands Medical Clinic. Total sponsorship to date: R50,000-00.

Phase Two of the construction requires:

Fibre glassing and a special epoxy coating to warp around the body. Internal cylinder to capture the coins in the belly of the pig.

Please see attached picture.

Phase Three involves a –

Structural Engineers services.

The construction of a 15m steel ramp and platform with railings.

Electrical installation of lights.

Health and Safety audit.

Signage for Celebrate Life  SA and sponsors.

We are looking for R80000-00 in TOTAL to complete this project.

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