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With the recent devastation of KZN through flooding, we have received dozens of pleas from community leaders for our Ubuntu Microbakery ovens, as they are seeing that their best option for a more stable future is a sustainable business model that has been proven in nearly 200 bakeries around the country.

The work we do – installing bakeries, training and empowering female bakers, and feeding communities – has a long-lasting, SUSTAINABLE impact, and we are answering calls every day from hopefuls who want to take their shot at running a business and stop relying on help from official channels – help that they almost never receive.

We are putting a call out to all businesses with extra CSR spend to please consider getting involved with Celebrate Life SA and walking hand-in-hand with us as we continue to employ, empower and feed our citizens.

Any and all support is appreciated; please contact Cherry at cherry@celebratelifesa.org to discuss options. Please share far and wide.

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