Celebrate Life helps the Tusk Trust Raise $500, 000

Dear Cherry,

Sorry for the delay in sending you this letter.

On behalf of the entire Tusk team, I would like to extend a huge thank you to you and the Celebrate Life SA team for the invaluable funds you have raised for this year’s marathon. I can now confirm that you have helped us generate $500,000 for the marathon beneficiaries – a truly fantastic result given the current economic climate.

I also would like to thank you for the enormous amount of training and fund raising effort that your team personally put in to the event. The awareness that the Celebrate Life SA team has raised on behalf of this cause has been truly invaluable.

As with previous years, the funds raised will go to benefit a wide range of conservation and community programmes. Thousands of children in a number of schools will get new classrooms and improved facilities financed by the ‘Marathon Education Fund.’ Numerous pastoral communities to the north of Lewa will also see benefits as the Community Fund will support a raft of initiatives designed to improve lives and increase security for both them and their wildlife. In addition, marathon funds support rhino and elephant conservation at Lewa, Turtle conservation in Lamu and a variety of other critical projects spread across the country. Tusk will also direct considerable funds from the Celebrate Life SA sponsorship to rhino conservation initiatives in South Africa.

Your participation in the event this year will have contributed to all of these initiatives; I very much hope that this inspires you to be back again next year!

Again, huge thanks on behalf of all the Trustees and the Tusk office team for taking part this year.

Very best wishes,


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