The Management and staff Celebrate Life NPO 05 February 2021 On behalf of the staff, Board and community of Mzingazi , I would like to convey my heartfelt appreciation for the stove donation and capacitating our youth with the skills to improve their livelihood It is truly wonderful and humbling to see you take time and effort to simply make a difference. Our organization relies on donations and sponsorships, without your generosity we would not be able to make the difference. Sincere thanks and appreciation for partnering with us in our effort to impact the community positively and make an everlasting change. Best Regards Mary Mlambo
Lungelo Youth Development
Dear madame, it is a pleasure to come to you this afternoon to show my appreciation for the offer that you and your organization did to the womens of my community by offering a micro bakery oven. Dear madame, this oven mean a lot to the womens of my community and since day one of their training up now I can see a lot change amoung them, it allow them to start their own project that is bringing a social cohesion between Refugees and citizens.In my understanding , it is only few people in this world who has a heart of helping vulnerable ( those who need assistance ) for them to start something in a life,  you are in deed a celebrate life organization.  In that case dear madame I am here today to say a very big thank you for assisting my community and I pray that the Almighty God might bless you abundantly and he may provide more to your organization. I believe that you will keep in touch with me to found out how we grow in terms of the project, Once again thank you so much madame.
Blue Downs community, Western Cape
Thank you for the incredible, incredible donation of a wonderful bakery oven received on Thursday 20 June 2019. We are absolutely thrilled to be able to assist Christine in setting up her bakery in Grouteville area. It is really only because of large hearted people such as yourself that Vision 153 are able to support that various philanthropic causes that we do. Thank you for choosing to walk besides us. We are greatly encouraged by the level of trust that you have invested in us.
Vision 153
Dear Cherry, On behalf of the Zikulise Cornrnunitv Upliftment Project NPC we would like to take this opportunity to express our most sincere appreciation to you and to vour organisation Celebrate Lite SA for the recent donation of three wood burning ovens. Directly as a result of your incredible generosity we have been enabled to offer baking skills training at our Richards Bay branch, which otherwise would not have been possible. The wood burning ovens are proving to be instrumental in changing Vives in our community. Seven individuals have now been enabled to facilitate bakjng training and to-date thirty-three beneficiaries have received baking training, using the ovens. "I was trained at Zikulise to be a baking trainer using a wood burning oven. it was amazing! From chopping wood, stoking the oven and mixing ingredients, we made the most amazing bread, rolls, pizza, snowballs and muffins. It was so different from my small electric two-plate oven. I couldn't believe the results. Everything was so delicious! - Fanelesibonga Zulu from eSikhaIeni. "It is the best bread I have evertasted!• savs Nondumiso Ndlovu from Umlando III Co-operative in Ekuphumuleni Reserve. "I am part of baking co-operative and I have learnt so much from the baking course. will be able to pass on mv knowledge to the other members and we will be baking the best bread in our community!' Once again, our grateful thanks.
Zikulisa Richards
The non profit organisation, Celebrate Life SA spearheaded by social entrepreneur and Founder, Cherry Armstrong , has made a huge difference to the quality of life for dozens of women and disadvantaged communities across rural South Africa, where the needs are greatest. Its founders determination, ethics. networking skills and professionalism has driven Celebrate Life to its leading position in the eyes of many as an exemplary role model of how a South African with a passion for social justice can make a lasting difference to empowering women who need a helping hand to climb out of poverty and run their own small businesses. The community oven project not only creates businesswomen but also improves the daily nutrition of schoolchildren in their community, giving the next generation a powerful boost. I have no hesitation in recommending Celebrate Life as a leading example of good governance and ethical practice in the NPO field.
Judy Sandison -Letter of Good Standing
Dear Cherry, On behalf of the Nkobongo Resource Centre for AIDS Orphans in Nkobongo, we would like to once again confirm our heartfelt gratitude and sincere thanks for the generous donation of the wood fired oven some 18 months ago. This oven has proved its worth over & over again as we bake bread & pizzas. We have trained 6 people to be able to bake & on baking days there is always plenty of folk only too happy to take a loaf of delicious bread home. We have over 250 orphans/vulnerable children (OVC's) on our Centre's books. We feed them lunch daily as they arrive after school. Then afternoon activities such as computer literacy, reading English, empowerment groups for the teenagers, homework, vegetable gardening etc We have 38 child headed households (parent/parents deceased or missing) whom we supply food parcels, electricity, taxi fares for school as well as other essentials. With 2 teachers (who are involved in preschool training programs) and 3 other staff, our costs run at about R30k/month including food. We receive no aid from Government so the functioning of NRC is dependent on the generosity of donors (like you) in both monies & kind. Please feel free to pay us a visit in the not too distant future? God bless you as you stand alongside us in meeting the huge demands put on our Country through the scourge of Hiv/Aids
Nkobongo Resource
DEAR CHERRY ARMSTRONG would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation for your assistance in empowering women with the baking machine and the start up of the business. We selected the women from destitute families who are widows and they are benefiting from the programme including one men who is assisting them on making fire and cutting firewood for them. The programme it's a success and it has brought a big change most of the people in our community are benefiting buy buying affordable bread in their community. On behalf of the organisation I thank you for the opportunity given to women and the training which they were offered it has raised their hops and fulfilled their dreams. We already have 20 families who buy bread from our organisation on daily basis. We highly appreciate.
Savannah Park
TO Whom it may concern Hope2Educate is a Non for Profit organisation Which runs Peer Education in the Communities Of EThekwini Municipality Area. Our program promote:
  • HIV Prevention in School and out Of School
  • Leadership
  • Community Development
  • Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights ror Adolescents and Youth
  • Drug awareness
Our programme has been supported by Celebrate Life SA in Our community oü€:reach programmes. Celebrate life SA donations and support helped us reach Over 3000 Orphans in our communities every year. Thank you so much.
Hope To Educate
To whom it may concern: Celebrate Life has supported the work of the Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization over the past two years. They have promoted our conservation message with specific focus on species under pressure such as lion, elephant, rhino, vultures and bees. In conjunction With the above Celebrate Life gave us financial support for the first rhino orphanage in Kwa Zulu Natal. Construction was completed last month. "Ille facility will take in baby rhino that have been orphaned, this Often occurs in poaching incidents, although any injured or orphaned juvenile rhino- will be rescued, rehabilitated and released when they have recovered and are old enough. To strengthen community relations around the game reserves where the Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization works, Celebrate Life have started a community project that empowers unemployed community members. The project provides a start-up bakery to an unemployed person in the community that enables them to earn an income as well as provide quality bread at a reasonable price to members of the community that does not require traveling far to a shop. The Support of the Celebrate Life has been very greatly appreciated.
Earth Organisation
Celebrate Life Founder, Cherry Armstrong, has acted with heart, drive and dedication in response to two of the most critical challenges facing Africans in the field of human suffering and the continent’s wildlife heritage. Her project to place bread ovens in disadvantaged rural communities will not only alleviate food and nutritional shortages but also kick start and empower small businesses and schools in a sustainable way. Her efforts to assist rhino conservation and help prevent the extinction of a precious unique animal is another outlet for her passion for the environment. The impact of her projects on people and the environment are exceptional and deserve widespread support as they have the potential to positively improve thousands of lives.
Judy Sandison
To whom it may concern: My Name is Lesley Forrest, one of the Directors of the Vision153, we are a Section 21 Non-Profit Organization NPO Reg#: 88 309, an outreach committed to making an intentional difference in the lives of widows and orphans in the community around us. I have known Cherry Armstrong for a while now, allowing me to have a good understanding her character and ethics. I write to request that you consider Cherry’s initiative: C.L.S.A. Global NPC T/A Celebrate Life SA for assisted funding. In all my years of experience, some individuals and companies stand out for their great qualities and Cherry and Celebrate Life is one of those. She believes that the state of the community is everyone’s responsibility and we have seen her commit to making a difference by volunteering with our organization. She is well respected in our community for her humility and work ethic; she has passion and drive and this showcases her determination to make a difference regardless of the cost or effort. Throughout the time I’ve known her, she has shown me time and again that she is a positive, motivated leader and Celebrate Life shows amazing potential. The oven our NPO received has been a blessing to all of our beneficiaries, and has enabled us to bake up to 40 loaves of fresh homemade bread per day for both sale and distribution into our community. Our NPO feeds over 1140 underprivileged in our community per month and our mini bakery has assisted us greatly on our mission to becoming self-sustainable. Celebrate Life have also set up training and demonstrations, and have supplied mentorship to us in any and all situations it was required. They continued to assist us with guidance and even to go so far as calculating our stock requirements on a monthly basis for us. Lastly, I would like to applaud you, and thank you for seeing potential in leaders such as Cherry. By seeing potential in her, you have demonstrated that you see potential in our Nation. Our future lies in the hands of the youth and you make it possible to inspire and equip a generation to achieve great fetes.
Vision 153