To whom it may concern:

My Name is Lesley Forrest, one of the Directors of the Vision153, we are a Section 21 Non-Profit Organization NPO Reg#: 88 309, an outreach committed to making an intentional difference in the lives of widows and orphans in the community around us.

I have known Cherry Armstrong for a while now, allowing me to have a good understanding her character and ethics. I write to request that you consider Cherry’s initiative: C.L.S.A. Global NPC T/A Celebrate Life SA for assisted funding. In all my years of experience, some individuals and companies stand out for their great qualities and Cherry and Celebrate Life is one of those. She believes that the state of the community is everyone’s responsibility and we have seen her commit to making a difference by volunteering with our organization. She is well respected in our community for her humility and work ethic; she has passion and drive and this showcases her determination to make a difference regardless of the cost or effort. Throughout the time I’ve known her, she has shown me time and again that she is a positive, motivated leader and Celebrate Life shows amazing potential.
The oven our NPO received has been a blessing to all of our beneficiaries, and has enabled us to bake up to 40 loaves of fresh homemade bread per day for both sale and distribution into our community. Our NPO feeds over 1140 underprivileged in our community per month and our mini bakery has assisted us greatly on our mission to becoming self-sustainable.
Celebrate Life have also set up training and demonstrations, and have supplied mentorship to us in any and all situations it was required. They continued to assist us with guidance and even to go so far as calculating our stock requirements on a monthly basis for us.

Lastly, I would like to applaud you, and thank you for seeing potential in leaders such as Cherry. By seeing potential in her, you have demonstrated that you see potential in our Nation. Our future lies in the hands of the youth and you make it possible to inspire and equip a generation to achieve great fetes.