Dear Cherry,

On behalf of the Nkobongo Resource Centre for AIDS Orphans in Nkobongo, we would like to once again confirm our heartfelt gratitude and sincere thanks for the generous donation of
the wood fired oven some 18 months ago. This oven has proved its worth over & over again as we bake bread & pizzas. We have trained 6 people to be able to bake & on baking days there is always plenty of folk only too happy to take a loaf of delicious bread home.

We have over 250 orphans/vulnerable children (OVC’s) on our Centre’s books. We feed them lunch daily as they arrive after school. Then afternoon activities such as computer literacy,
reading English, empowerment groups for the teenagers, homework, vegetable gardening etc We have 38 child headed households (parent/parents deceased or missing) whom we supply
food parcels, electricity, taxi fares for school as well as other essentials. With 2 teachers (who are involved in preschool training programs) and 3 other staff, our costs
run at about R30k/month including food. We receive no aid from Government so the functioning of NRC is dependent on the generosity of donors (like you) in both monies & kind.
Please feel free to pay us a visit in the not too distant future? God bless you as you stand alongside us in meeting the huge demands put on our Country through the scourge of Hiv/Aids