To whom it may concern:

Celebrate Life has supported the work of the Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization over the past two years. They have promoted our conservation message with specific focus on species under pressure such as lion, elephant, rhino, vultures and bees.

In conjunction With the above Celebrate Life gave us financial support for the first rhino orphanage in Kwa Zulu Natal. Construction was completed last month. “Ille facility will take in baby rhino that have been orphaned, this Often occurs in poaching incidents, although any injured or orphaned juvenile rhino- will be rescued, rehabilitated and released when they have recovered and are old enough. To strengthen community relations around the game reserves where the Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization works, Celebrate Life have started a community project that empowers unemployed community members.

The project provides a start-up bakery to an unemployed person in the community that enables them to earn an income as well as provide quality bread at a reasonable price to members of the community that does not require traveling far to a shop. The Support of the Celebrate Life has been very greatly appreciated.