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Building Our Nation, One loaf at a time

Celebrate Life works closely with Mama Mimi’s, who supply the ovens. They were founded in 2012 and have dedicated these years to successfully implementing micro bakeries into the rural communities of South Africa. We are passionately selecting and training previously disadvantaged individuals to become an entrepreneur. These people need a helping hand out of their poverty cycle and Celebrate Life is committed to their sustainable entrepreneurship and community upliftment.
MamaMimis02We live by the parable “Give a man a fish; he will eat for a day. Teach him to fish; he will eat for a lifetime.”
Celebrate Life is driven by the image photographed by the late Kevin Carter in Sudan, 1993. A starving toddler is depicted, trying to reach a feeding centre when a hooded vulture landed nearby. This image angers us as there has been little change in the last 10 years in South Africa. The upliftment programs implemented are not making a long-term sustainable change, and very often are unsuccessful once the donor moves on. No child should go hungry; each community should have the knowledge, skills, facilities and empowerment to help each other.
Celebrate Life has a tried and tested upliftment model that is bringing long-term sustainable change. We have developed a wood fired bakery, which is uplifting and empowering unemployed and impoverished communities.
A baker’s story: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8T5whOH274w

The Celebrate Life project from Mama Mimi’s
Our project is to create 41 sustainable jobs at a time.
When a Community of Bakers is implemented; we like to call this a “cell”.
The bakers sell their produce (bread, snowballs, pizzas, muffins and rolls) to their Local Communities, Spaza Shops, Corporate and Mama Mimi’s Bread Credits.
This is true upliftment, not just for the bakers directly but every person that buys their bread. We create baked products where they are consumed. The baker’s profits and the customer savings all contribute to further upliftment as the money circulates and remains within the local community.
How you can be involved:
We are looking for organizations, like yours, to get involved with our community changing initiative, to fund a “Cell” or help to get one established in your local rural community.
A cell consists of:
• 20 Mama Mimi’s Wood Fired Ovens
• 40 Entrepreneurs / Bakers
• 1 Distributor / Mentor (who delivers to, visits, manages and mentors the bakers daily)
• Branded Distribution Vehicle
• Co Branding opportunities on signage, Vehicle and bread bags
• Each Baker receives:
o Complete Baker Skills and Business Training
o Certificate of Completion
o Mama Mimi’s Bakery: from Bakery utensils, ingredients, business material, to a wood chopping axe
Bread Credits
Organizations and individuals can donate to the Celebrate Life and we will use the full donation to buy bread loaves from the bakers which are then donated directly to local schools and crèches.MamaMimis01
With a minimum donation of R2500 a month, a cell of bakers is able to feed between 800 - 1000 children at local schools and crèches every day of the month.
Benefits of a Celebrate Life “Cell” to the Community:
• Skills development
• Empowerment of men and women alike
• Creating sustainable employment and community upliftment
• Boosting local economy by the money generated from sales staying within the community (multiplier effect)
• Feeding the children through Bread Credits
Project Cost:
The ideal package is to roll out a minimum of 20 bakeries at a time into a specific area. This would allow for a dedicated distributor with a vehicle supporting, supplying product and mentoring each bakery.
Project Funding Price R650 000
Should you love what Celebrate Life is doing and would like to get involved, you can do so by either:
• Sponsoring a “Cell” Community of Bakers
• Bread Credits - Feeding a local crèche or orphanage, by donating to Celebrate Life monthly.
• Or funding individual Bakeries at the cost of R25 000 each – These bakeries will then be plugged into our existing “Cells”, community of bakers, in order to maintain the support from our Mama Mimi’s distributor
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