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Make 2016 the year you contribute to a Worthy Project

"2016 is a great year to contribute to a worthy project - alleviating poverty, empowering communities and creating incomes for the poor."

Support a township baker and facilitate the delivery of free bread to children who need it.

Through corporate and private funding, Mama Mimi’s has successfully rolled out numerous Township bakeries, each one selling their baked products to neighbours and family. Celebrate Life’s objectives are to establish township entrepreneurs and, through ongoing support and mentorship, keep them sustainable.

bread credit 01 smallBREAD CREDITS
have been created to further assist the bakers and their communities. One bread credit costs R10 and is equal to one 700g loaf of sliced bread.  There are two options:- 

Purchase a minimum of 10 bread credits per month (R100) and the Mama Mimi's baker bakes 10 loaves for the R100. We collect the bread and deliver it to a nearby orphanage or preschool at no cost to them. Each free loaf will provide 5 children with their daily bread. To provide the continued delivery of this bread we ask that a debit order for bread credits is completed. You will be directly assisting with the success of the bakers business and ensuring that the end product reaches the children that need it most. The baker gets to make his bread and sell it for bread credits. The orphanage gets help in the form of free bread, not money, which can so easily be misused.

To support a dedicated baker and orphanage over a 25 day period costs R2500 per month in bread credits. Celebrate Life will provide you with the details of the Baker, his location as well as that of the orpanage. You would also receive your bakers’ annual “financial report”.

This form of upliftment allows all of your upliftment spend to reach the intended recipient and in this case, there are 2; the baker gets the exact amount you contribute, and the children get freshly baked bread for the same value.

Together Changing Our Nation One Loaf At A Time

For more information contact Cherry at Celebrate Life on 0824401730/ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Points of Note

1. 8.5 million loaves of bread are consumed daily in SA, about 5 million are consumed by people living in township communities. There is approximately R4.00 per loaf that is wasted on the cost of getting this bread to that consumer. R4.00 x 5 million loaves = R20million. This is the amount that leaves people’s pockets every day.

2. Celebrate Life does things differently. Utilizing ED or SED type funding on behalf of bakers, we roll out wood fired bakeries and bake bread where it is consumed. Using this model, those R4.00’s per loaf stay and benefit the community.

3. Celebrate Life supplies the various premixes to the bakers. This ensures a consistent product of a high standard. It is the profits from this premix that cements the relationship between the baker and Celebrate Life. The better the baker does the better we do. A truly sustainable partnership

4. Our estimates are that if we could put 20 000 bakeries into SA, this would directly create 41000 jobs. The direct impact of this in retained income for township communities would be around R12,8 million per day.

Let’s do things differently for a better World for all.