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Building Our Nation, One Loaf at a Time

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Celebrate Life have dedicated three years to successfully implementing micro bakeries into the rural communities of South Africa. We are passionately selecting and training previously disadvantaged individuals to become an entrepreneur. These people need a helping hand out of their poverty cycle and Celebrate Life is committed to their sustainable entrepreneurship and community upliftment.
We live by the parable "Give a man a fish; he will eat for a day. Teach him to fish; he will eat for a lifetime."
Celebrate Life is driven by upliftment and empowerment of our rural communities. The upliftment programs implemented in South Africa are not making a long-term sustainable change, and very often are unsuccessful once the donor moves on. No child should go hungry; each community should have the knowledge, skills, facilities and empowerment to help each other.
Celebrate Life has a tried and tested upliftment model that is bringing long-term sustainable change. We have a wood fired bakery, baking 4 loaves of bread every 25 minutes, which is uplifting and empowering unemployed and impoverished communities. 

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Points of Note

1. 8.5 million loaves of bread are consumed daily in SA, about 5 million are consumed by people living in township communities. There is approximately R4.00 per loaf that is wasted on the cost of getting this bread to that consumer.

R4.00 x 5 million loaves = R20million. This is the amount that leaves people's pockets every day.
2. Celebrate Life does things differently. Utilizing ED or SED type funding on behalf of bakers, we roll out wood fired bakeries and bake bread where it is consumed.
Using this model, those R4.00's per loaf stay and benefit the community.
3. Celebrate Life supplies the various premixes to the bakers. This ensures a consistent product of a high standard. This cements the relationship between the baker and Celebrate Life. We are able to assess the success of the bakers by the amount of products they order and how frequently they order. A truly sustainable partnership
4. Our estimates are that if we could put 20 000 bakeries into SA, this would directly create 41000 jobs. The direct impact of this in retained income for township communities would be around R12,8 million per day.


Let's do things differently for a better world for all.




Bread Credits

 Support a township baker and facilitate the delivery of free bread to children who need it.

Through corporate and private funding, Celebrate Life has successfully rolled out numerous Township bakeries, each one selling their baked products to neighbours and family and schools. Celebrate Life's objectives are to establish rural community entrepreneurs and, through ongoing support and mentorship, keep them sustainable.

BREAD CREDITS have been created to further assist the bakers and their communities. One bread credit costs R10 and is equal to one 700g loaf of sliced bread.  

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There are two options:- 

Purchase a minimum of 10 bread credits per month (R100) and the Celebrate Life  baker bakes 10 loaves for the R100. We collect the bread and deliver it to a nearby orphanage or preschool at no cost to them. Each free loaf will provide 5 children with their daily bread.  You will be directly assisting with the success of the bakers business and ensuring that the end product reaches the children that need it most. The orphanage gets help in the form of free bread, not money, which can so easily be misused.

To support a dedicated baker and orphanage over a 25 day period costs R2500 per month in bread credits. Celebrate Life will provide you with the details of the Baker, his location as well as that of the orpanage. You would also receive your bakers’ annual “financial report".  An 18A Tax Certificate will also be provided for tax purposes.

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Get involved now and help us "make a difference"

This form of upliftment allows all of your upliftment spend to reach the intended recipient and in this case, there are 2; the baker gets the exact amount you contribute, and the children get freshly baked bread for the same value.


Together Changing Our Nation One Loaf At A Time 


For more information contact Cherry at Celebrate Life on 0824401730/ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Sinothando Creche gets a new coat of paint!

Aramex Durban took our Molweni project, Sinothando creche, to new heights!  The whole sales team got together to paint the creche. Thank you to Spectrum Paints for your kindness in donating the paint at such an awesome discount.

It brought tears to my eyes to see the spirit of all those involved. Fantastic baking happening too!

Ubuntu xxx

SInothando 5




Please donate to Sinothando Creche

SInothando 3

Spent a great day in Molweni district with an incredible bunch of ladies who have headed up a creche called Sinothando creche. These beautiful mama's have self-funded this to help the children in their community. There are 20 delightful little baba's aged 0-6yrs old. The grannies feed these children off their pensions. We will be placing an oven there but these people desperately need help with kids clothes, plastic tables and chairs, glass for the windows, panels for the ceiling and other basic necessities. The centre needs painting, the kids need a sandpit, the water is not switched on, etc.

I appeal to anyone who can assist to please contact me on 0824401730.

Thank you.

Cherry Armstrong


Thank you to Aramex for your wonderful donation of all sorts including mattresses and blankets for the little babes in Molweni.

Molweni 1 Molweni 2


Vukuzama Resource Centre gets an oven


The Aramex team visited the Vukuzama Resource Centre where we installed an oven for the disabled women. Their support is greatly appreciated and it was lovely for them to actually feel the impact they have made on this community. Well done for making a difference and for your continued support.

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