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Camperdown Community gets Bread-Making Oven

Celebrate Life launched their first bread making oven into the community in Camperdown.  This is a wonderful, sustainable project, empowering women and children to run their own bakeries.  Each oven costs R10,000 and we are looking for any sponsors who would like to help us make a difference and install these ovens into many communities.

A big thank you to Capital Outsourcing for their continued support in helping us make a difference.


School bakes bread to raise money

“ Celebrate Life SA has chosen it’s first donor to receive the breadmaking oven! The school is Emondini, outside Thula Thula Game Reserve . The reason for choosing the school is to empower the community surrounding the reserve, which in turn helps prevent the community from accepting bribes to inform on the whereabouts of the wildlife in the reserve for easy poaching.  Since we have chosen to support Thula Thula with the rhino sanctuary, it made sense to involve the community around the reserve. The oven allows 4 loaves of bread to be made every 25 minutes which will be sold by pupils and helpers to the surrounding areas. They are also able to bake pizza’s, snowballs and chelsea buns.

The school will be totally accountable for the business and in turn, Celebrate life will turn the profits into books, teachers or bursaries for pupils depending on the need. We are hoping to set up a bakery of 5 ovens within the school over the next year. Will keep you posted…”  

Cherry Armstrong

Executive Director 

C.L.S.A. Global NPC

Emondini School











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A new team of ladies will be climbing Mount Meru in Tanzania in October to raise awareness of our heritage on a wildlife and community level. Celebrate Life SA will be supporting various projects in the next couple of years. Our aim is to raise R500,000 towards the community projects and help make a difference.


Teach a man to fish instead of giving him one... 

There are millions of people who live in the townships with the potential to work hard but can’t find a good job. Some lucky ones do have a job but after taxi fares and long hours they barely bring home enough money to scrape by. Due to the lack of resources for this large portion of our population, the cycle of poverty, lack of education and crime gets passed from one generation to another. 

Celebrate Life SA is targeting the problem on a micro scale. What if one woman could bake and sell 30 loaves of bread a day from her home? 

Most families eat two loaves per day; this means she would only need 14 families as customers. What if she could make R5 per loaf of bread she sold per day? 

What kind of change would she and her family achieve if she was working from home generating a profit of R4500? 

“One at a time” is how you can help change lives and help build our nation. 

 Together we can create opportunities and change lives. 

There is opportunity for community members to become  bakers in their respective neighbourhoods. 

Celebrate Life would like to contribute to the rural communities around Ubuhle Bemvelo in Camperdown and around Thula Thula Game Reserve in Northern KZN. 


Rhino and elephant booklets to educate the younger generations at school on protecting their heritage.

Vegetable gardens and how to manage them daily to produce food, give children a sense of worth and pride.

TB and HIV education in the form of talks, HIV testing, encouraging TB testing at local clinics.

The "missed" three million

TB is curable, but our current efforts to find, treat and cure everyone who gets ill with the disease are not sufficient.

Of the nine million people a year who get sick with TB, a third of them are "missed" by public health systems.

Many of these three million people live in the world’s poorest, most vulnerable communities and include groups such as migrants, miners, drug users and sex workers.

We believe that no one should be left behind in the fight against TB. This World TB Day, we call for a global effort to find, treat and cure the three million and accelerate progress towards zero TB deaths, infections, suffering and stigma.

To reach the three million we need to aggressively scale up TB programmes and ensure access and coverage for all, especially for the most vulnerable groups and in areas most heavily affected by the diseases - the TB ‘hotspots’.

We must invest in basic research and research and development for new tools - diagnostics, drugs and vaccines - in order to reach people faster, treat them more quickly and ultimately prevent them from becoming ill with TB.

If we are successful we can ensure that we meet the Millennium Development Goals and start to talk realistically about eliminating TB as a public health problem in the next two decades.

This World TB Day, people all over the world, from TB programme managers to frontline health care providers will make a call to Reach the three million and ensure that everyone suffering from TB has access to adequate TB care, including diagnosis, treatment and cure.


Celebrate Life SA would like to contribute on an ongoing basis to the wonderful work at Thula Thula Rhino sanctuary which the renowned Lawrence Anthony started – supplies needed include products for the ICU unit, adopting a rhino, sponsoring feeds and a nurse for the orphan rhino. Funds will also be donated to the elephant projects to protect them from poachers and assist in the contraception programme.


All sponsors will be detailed on our website and given opportunities to supply caps/ T shirts etc to be worn by Celebrate Life team members in the community when assisting with projects for media coverage

Celebrate Life SA is driven by supporting very specific projects in our community.

You too, can make a difference.




An initiative aimed at helping to save South Africa’s black and white rhino populations from being completely wiped out by poachers. The situation in the country is bleak. Celebrate Life SA believes that with the initiative we have chosen, we can turn the tide in KwaZulu Natal, producing a model that can be replicated throughout the country.  On the 1st October 2011 a Sikorsky 300 CBi helicopter with a full time pilot, was deployed by King Shaka Aviation at Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife’s Hluhluwe-Umfolozi Park. This Park has among the highest concentration of rhino in the world and is therefore arguably one of the most significant places for rhino conservation globally.

The helicopter was returned to Durban in May due to a lack of funding. We need to get it back in the skies. The war on poachers is best fought from the air.

The Task:

The initial task was to integrate the helicopter into the existing anti-poaching efforts, however the fundamental roles were and still remain:

  • To participate in regular / daily patrols. The mere presence of the chopper was enough of a deterrent to many would-be poachers.
  • To act as a rapid response platform, which would assist in the event of an incident / incursion. Terrain in the Park is largely inaccessible.
  • To cover a greater area than would otherwise have been possible (by car or by foot).

The Results:

The results for the initial period from 1 October 2011 to 31 December 2011 were as follows:

In the Hluhluwe–Umfolozi Park:

  • 2010 = 14 rhino killed
  • 2011 =   8 rhino killed = Reduction of 42.8%

The comparative data for the above period 2010 vs. 2011:

  • 2010 :  October – December  = 7 rhino killed.
  • 2011 :  October – December  = 1 rhino killed.
  • 85.7% = The reduction in poaching during this period.
  • If you consider 7 rhino were lost during this period in 2010 and then apply the National Average (35% increase) it might be expected that the Park should have lost 9-10 rhino. 

Note: The actual number for the Oct-Dec period for 2011 was one, this in fact suggests a potential 8-9 Rhino were saved.

Phased Growth Strategy:

The re-location of a helicopter at Umfolozi is critical however, during the trial period of 7 months, it was established that poachers had redirected their efforts and were targeting rhino populations in reserves where helicopters were not in use.  This theory was ratified almost immediately by the marked increase in incursions and rhino losses in surrounding areas.

It is therefore of paramount importance that the project be expanded aggressively thereby reducing poacher’s options.

Below is a suggested growth plan which makes initial use of the smaller (300CBI) helicopter.  Once able, we replace the 300 CBI with a larger Robinson R44 allowing Project Rhino pilots to move the 300 CBI to the next problem area.

While the 300CBI provides a tremendous aerial observations and reaction aircraft it is limited to one passenger.  The Robinson R44 has the capability to carry 3 passengers at greater speed and is therefore of greater tactical benefit

v  Phase 1 – pilot chopper

·         Re-introduce the 300 CBI Helicopter (2 seater) toiMfoloziPark

·         Flying 30 hrs per month

·         Cost = R     87 210.00 per month

            R1 046 520.00 per annum

v  Phase 2 – bring in a 2nd chopper

·         Introduce Robinson R44 (4 seater) to Umfolozi. This is a bigger aircraft which is able to move rangers around.

·         Flying 30hrs per month

·         Cost =  R   132 354.00 per month

             R1 588 248.00 per annum

We propose then moving the 300 CBI Helicopter to the Hluhluwe / Mkuze area. That would remain at a cost of R1 046 520.00 per annum 

v  Phase 3 – bring in a 3rd chopper

·         Introduce a second Robinson R44 to Hluhluwe / Mkuze area.

·         Flying 30hrs per month

·         Cost =  R    132 354.00 per month

             R1  588 248.00 per annum 

The first Robinson R44 remains in Umfolozi. Move 300 CBI to Ndumo / Tembe area. 

v  Phase 4 – bring in a 4th chopper

·         Introduce Robinson R44 to Ndumo & Tembe area (this is quite a substantial area to cover and so higher hours per month needed).

·         Flying 40hrs per month

·         Move 300 CBI to Vryheid / Lowsburg area

·         Cost =  R    170 088.00 per month

             R2  041 056.00 per annum

Please note: Above prices Include VAT

Celebrate Life SA will be contributing to keeping a chopper in the air for 3 months depending on the funds raised. With the wonderful initiative proposed by Aromex, we believe that we will make a difference and a large contribution to this much needed project.



We are looking for sponsorship, either partial or in whole, towards the final construction and erection of this iconic and much needed charitable intervention of “The Largest Piggy Bank in the Southern Hemisphere”. It also offers sponsors the opportunity to gain vast exposure, on an ongoing basis, and can thus appeal to both CSI and Marketing budgets.

Project name;

The Biggest Piggy Bank in the Southern Hemisphere

Project Location:

Piggly Wiggly Country Village, R103, Lions River, KZN Midlands.

Nature of Project:

Charity -(whilst positioned on a commercial retail and entertainment property), the Piggy Banks function is to raise funds for much needed projects run by “Celebrate Life SA”. 100% of all funds derived from the Piggy Bank will be given to our designated charity, Celebrate Life SA. They have a proven track record and have been selected based on need, integrity and with the larger community in mind.

Project Implementation:

Phase One is now complete: Piggly Wiggly Country Village has sponsored the first stages of construction of the Biggest Piggy Bank in the Southern Hemisphere. Construction materials used include wrought iron and wire, to the value of R20,000-00. We have also managed to get a 6m staircase to the value of R30,000-00 sponsored by Oatlands Medical Clinic. Total sponsorship to date: R50,000-00.

Phase Two of the construction requires:

Fibre glassing and a special epoxy coating to warp around the body. Internal cylinder to capture the coins in the belly of the pig.

Please see attached picture.

Phase Three involves a -

Structural Engineers services.

The construction of a 15m steel ramp and platform with railings.

Electrical installation of lights.

Health and Safety audit.

Signage for Celebrate Life  SA and sponsors.

We are looking for R80000-00 in TOTAL to complete this project.