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Baker of the Month - Vuyiswa

Baker Pic of the Month smallCONGRATULATIONS TO THE


Q: Vuyiswa, you have been chosen as baker of the month, how do you feel about that?
A: Oh I am very happy! I have only been trading for a short time and it all happened to fast. I am still trying to catch my breath.

Q: Tell me how you brought income into your home before you joined the Mama Mimi's family?
A: I used to bake and sell scones in Blouberg area.

Q: Blouberg? But that's so far from Phillipi, why there?
A: We had to have an income, and I found an opportunity to do what I love, which is baking, and make some money at the same time. So I started pre-baking my scones and then I would go sell in Blouberg because I knew the area.


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Empower a Community!

The communities are empowered, excited and earning an income with the placement of ovens for bread making. This project is growing at an incredible pace and we are proud to be part of this sustainable project. To see the happiness on the bakers' faces after being given an opportunity to earn an income and have pride in their own business, gives us great joy.  

An oven costs R12 000 and anyone wishing to donate towards this growing project can contact Cherry at 0824401730.




Another Community gets an Oven!

Celebrate Life creates another happy baker in the community of Ntukuso. Zamo has become the proud owner of the bread making oven, hoping to provide the local community and schools in the area with fresh bread, Chelsea buns, snowballs and pizzas.


This sustainable project is making waves in the rural areas, creating women empowerment, allowing intergration of children in the areas to deliver goods and an income for the family.”
We have an order for 10 ovens in Zululand and would love any company to come forward and help with funding of R150,000 to provide these much needed business tools in the poorer communities.


Camperdown Community gets Bread-Making Oven

Celebrate Life launched their first bread making oven into the community in Camperdown.  This is a wonderful, sustainable project, empowering women and children to run their own bakeries.  Each oven costs R10,000 and we are looking for any sponsors who would like to help us make a difference and install these ovens into many communities.

A big thank you to Capital Outsourcing for their continued support in helping us make a difference.


School bakes bread to raise money

“ Celebrate Life SA has chosen it’s first donor to receive the breadmaking oven! The school is Emondini, outside Thula Thula Game Reserve . The reason for choosing the school is to empower the community surrounding the reserve, which in turn helps prevent the community from accepting bribes to inform on the whereabouts of the wildlife in the reserve for easy poaching.  Since we have chosen to support Thula Thula with the rhino sanctuary, it made sense to involve the community around the reserve. The oven allows 4 loaves of bread to be made every 25 minutes which will be sold by pupils and helpers to the surrounding areas. They are also able to bake pizza’s, snowballs and chelsea buns.

The school will be totally accountable for the business and in turn, Celebrate life will turn the profits into books, teachers or bursaries for pupils depending on the need. We are hoping to set up a bakery of 5 ovens within the school over the next year. Will keep you posted…”  

Cherry Armstrong

Executive Director 

C.L.S.A. Global NPC

Emondini School











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