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The next fund-raising initiative

Our next initiative in October 2018 is a women empowerment climb up Mount Kenya to continue with our successful fund raising for our oven projects in the rural communities. We will have a team of 10 ladies from all walks of life to help us with this exciting project! Always making a difference to those great ladies in the communities, affording them a chance to run their own bakeries." Teach a man to fish...

Mount Kenya by view world beauty


Well done ladies, and thank you!

Malawi Team 2


" A heartfelt thank you to the Malawi team for completing the 28km paddle across Lake Malawi in plastic kayaks in 6.5 hours. Your tenacity was amazing and your commitment to Celebrate Life inspiring. Thank you to all our sponsors for helping us achieve our dream of placing more ovens in the rural communities to empower our women in our country."

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Malawi 8



Lake Malawi - here we come!

The gorgeous team who have given a year of their lives so generously, supporting our cause, raising funds and paddling like crazy!  We're nearly there now and the biggest thank you to each and every one of you for your unfailing support in Celebrate Life.

Thank you to Jonnson Workwear for all the sponsorship, TMC Logistics, Aramex for their total involvement and for believing in us, Nico from United African Marine, Talksure and to all the other sponsors who have made this project possible. I hope you will continue to support this worthy women empowerment project in the years to come.

Malawi Challenge