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Our Mission

Celebrate Life SA is an organisation aimed at creating awareness and facilitating  support  across society  to alleviate human and environmental suffering , using the energy of committed individuals,  social networks  and  broadcast platforms.

The essence of Celebrate Life SA lies in respect for the land and its people. A group of caring people, who have known each other and worked together for many years, became inspired to establish a project that not only made use of their individual talents, but also confronted some of the more serious issues facing our planet, with the express purpose of ameliorating as many of these issues as possible.

The initial project in 2005 was to raise One Million Rand for Hospice based in Durban. The aim was to create awareness of Hospice and show it in a different light to the current belief system. A group of twelve women climbed Kilimanjaro and carried out many fund raising projects over the course of a year to achieve this, at the same time, via a range of media reports, raising the profile of Hospice and the work its dedicated staff do.

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The second project in 2012 was to raise One Million Rand for The Tusk Trust (of which Prince William is the Royal Patron), to raise awareness and fund their projects to save our rhino from poaching and death. A group of women completed the Lewa half marathon in Kenya. This project garnered media interest and public support as well as the backing of the KwaZulu-Natal Sharks (rugby team) on the project. 


As Celebrate Life SA unfolded, it became apparent that the essence of enabling real change in these spheres lies in the group’s ability to motivate and mobilise as many other individuals as possible, to align their goals, and to attract the attention of a global market.

The next project was in October 2014 when a team of ladies climbed Mount Meru in Tanzania (1000m lower than Kilimanjaro) to raise awareness of our heritage and raise funds for our various projects.  A total of R370,000 was raised.


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